Monday 1 August 2016

Book review - Blood and Sin by Laura Thalassa and Dan Rix

Hot-blooded, prideful, feral, Lana Malesuis is a demon. She has sworn an oath to heal her war-torn, dying species. Her method: drain human blood, use it to fuel her dark magic, reap human misfortune. She has come to the town of White Sulfur Springs to cull.

Cold-blooded, ruthless, conniving, Jame Asher is a human. He has sworn to avenge his wife and baby girl, killed by demon magic. His plan: destroy demons’ portals, deprive them of their human blood supply, exterminate them one by one. He has come to White Sulfur Springs to kill.

But when they meet, and he takes Lana as his prisoner, the last thing he expects to see in her wild violet eyes is the frightened innocence of a young girl. For her part, Lana never expects to feel anything but hate for the most feared demon hunter on Earth.

Neither of them expected it to become something more.

(I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review)

Wow... just wow! That was a powerful ending!

Blood and Sin is the first book I've read by Laura Thalassa and Dan Rix. I wasn't sure what to expect but I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Blood and Sin is told from both Lana's and Asher's POVs. Lana is an infernari from Abyssos while Asher is a human, an infernari hunter.

Asher has been hunting infernari for years and even more so in the past two years since tragedy struck his family. Lana is a healer, she's very different to the other infernari who is mostly about death and destruction. Her natural instinct is to heal and she doesn't kill, ever.

Asher and Lana are the last persons you would expect to cross paths, and yet they have and they got themselves stuck together running away from other infernaris out to kill Asher. They became closer and closer and in the end something happened that left us all hanging. I really hope to see more of Asher and Lana in the next book!

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