Thursday 9 April 2015

Book review - Beyond Reach by Siobhan Davis

Back on Earth, Ariana is caught in a dangerous crossfire between clandestine rebel organization Clementia and the power-hungry government. Refusing to divulge the location of the secret information entrusted to her by her late father, she desperately tries to bargain for her Mom, Lily, and Cal’s rescue. She’s fighting a losing battle, and the clock is ticking.

Presented with evidence of her fiancĂ© Cal’s apparent betrayal, she loyally defends him despite her concerns. With her emotions in turmoil, matters become even more complicated as she grows closer to her ex-boyfriend Zane.

When the stakes are raised, a succession of shocking revelations rocks her world, setting her on a path that will not only change her destiny but the fate of humanity.

Confronted by a memory so abhorrent comes a truth she would do anything to forget.

But some things just can’t be undone.

(I received a copy from the author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review)

Wow, another good read from Siobhan Davis.

I'm already a massive fan of book #1 (True Calling) and this book has lived up to its expectation and more.

This book is action packed and hard to put down.

Ariana is now back on Earth with Zane, but Cal is still on Novo alongside her Mom and Sister.

She's shown evidence of Cal's betrayal and she's thoroughly confused about it, further more she's started to develop feelings for Zane.

Towards the end of the book, we were told that Ariana has started to regain all of her memories. She's remembered something very significant and life-changing. What is it and how does it affect her relationship with Cal / Zane?

I can't wait to find out in the next book!!!

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